Jason Proch Sheds Light on the Essentials of Moving to the United Kingdom

One of the biggest and powerful nations of the globe, the United Kingdom, typically attracts a plethora of migrants every year. This country boasts of having an incredibly strong economy, along with various unique attractions and landmarks. Jason Proch mentions that the people moving to UK from the United States get the chance to enjoy the opportunity to be close to and work in some of the biggest brands of the world, while also being a part of an exceptional cultural and artistic environment that continues to evolve consistently with every passing day.  Jason himself is an American who has moved to the United Kingdom, and thus is well versed with the aspects involved in migrating to this incredible country.

Jason Proch mentions the importance factors of the life of American migrants in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been among the most popular destinations for people to migrate to and settle down in from diverse parts of the world. This country is especially popular for the various employment and business opportunities it provides. Jason Proch himself moved to this country in order to establish his business. Being an American, he subsequently has a firsthand experience of both the advantages and disadvantages of settling down in the UK. The environment quality, available job opportunities, as well as good scores in community have essentially made the UK a good place to settle down in. Here are a few factors that Jason Proch mentions that people should take into consideration while moving to the UK from the United States:

  • Cold weather: While the winter months in New York might be bitterly cold, the Americans always know that the weather will warm up soon gradually.  However, the scenario is quite different in the United Kingdom. In this country even in the summer season there can be various days when the weather is miserably cold and wet.
  • Driving: The driving experience in the UK is quite different from the US. In most cases, the drivers of this country are quite nice. In New York, people often have to wait for several hours in a junction or stuck in traffic. But so is not the case in UK. The driving experience is quite smooth and much less aggressive than the US here.
  • Politeness: People born and brought up in New York would be adequately aware about the fact that the words like please and thank you do not feature commonly in the everyday conversations.  In most cases in fact these words are used in sarcasm or while paying for a service. However, in the United Kingdom, people often go out of their way to be polite with others, and words like please and thank you are used extremely frequently here.
  • Coffee: For the Americans, obsession with coffee is quite common. People living in the UK are however much more fond of drinking cups of teas.  The ever present Starbucks also cannot be found in many places here.

Being a American who has moved to the UK, Jason Proch is well aware about the differences in the lifestyles of people living in these two countries. 

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