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Most of the population know well about what IB is, hence if the trend is to be noticed in the past few years a lot of students have enrolled for IB courses of all the different levels. Be it a student of any age, IB offers different study modules specially designed for students of different age groups. The high popularity and growing trend have made many parents think about getting their child enrolled in the courses offered. IB is nothing different from the regular study or the regular subjects, it is exactly the same but the only difference is the way to teaching and a slight change in the syllabus. It is observed that the IB syllabus is more refined and to the point and focuses majorly on the overall development of the students so that they can be prepared to face the world which is full of competition.

There are common all the subjects added to the IB syllabus, here is the list of subjects in IB

  1. Group 1 includes Study of Language and literature
  2. Group 2 Language Acquisition
  3. Group 3 is Individual and societies
  4. Group 4 includes Experimental sciences
  5. Group 5 comprised of Mathematics
  6. Group 6 Arts
  7. Further, Creativity, Activity Services
  8. Extended Essay is also a part of IB

Out of all the subjects available, the students can pick any combination of the subjects based on their choice. Basically, there are two types of subjects SL that are Standard level and HL stands for a higher level. For example, students can opt for SL Mathematics, HL Biology, HL Chemistry, HL Mathematics, SL history etc. The list does not end here, there are a plenty of more subjects that the students can pick as per their interest.

For those who have  great interest in Chemistry and plans to pursue higher studies in Chemistry, can start up with Standard level Chemistry and further move on to higher level Chemistry. There are a plenty of IB chemistry tutors in Gurgaon. These tutors are also available for online classes for the students who are located far apart. These expert tutors can guide you and suggest you the best practices and tips to get the clear understanding of the subject. As experts say, if for any subject one has the correct and clear basic concepts, it becomes quite simple to grab a good understanding of the subject.

If you think IB is only meant for Science students, then you are wrong. IB is for all, if you have high interest in Arts then you can pick the options or the subjects like History, literature and language, Economics etc. Economics is highly trending these days, therefore a lot of students are opting for Economics as their major subject in IB, there are numerous tuition teachers for IBClasses  are available, these teachers can help you with the best tips and tricks to earn good grades in IB economics. With the high of economics, the interest students can proceed further with graduation in Economics.

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