The Little Bites of the Tasty Dishes Dressed for Christmas

Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations, this time of the season brings a lot of joy, merriment and feasting, and yes December’s holidays give the hardworking home cooks even more reasons to prepare special dishes for their family and friends. It is seen that many traditional recipes are a required to undergo ritual at many holiday gatheringsand are prepared with new flavours and/or ethnic twists.

Hence, it becomes very important to know few famous dishes out of the top 10 holiday recipes for Christmas which become a hot trend seen in many of the kitchens-

  • Cakes and Cookies-Whether it is fruit cake, milk cake or plum cake the richness and sweetness of the cake, the candied and dried fruits so well balanced with the subtle flavours of the spices added, makes it the best celebration items for special occasions and a wonderful gathering. One must give a try to the different cakes which can be prepared very easily at home with some simple ingredients to make every day a special moment to bring a smile to the face of the loved ones.
  • Christmas Snacks-Red, golden, silver and green are the colours of Christmas. One can use these colours in mind and prepare many snack items like thechoco melody, rose cookies, dry gulabjamus, etc. to have special evening parties during the December holidays.
  • Christmas side dishes-From the creamy vanilla bean-whipped crispy sweet potatoes to a green bean-and-blood orange salad, there are many other dishes like the broccoli roasted and whipped in cream, etc. that can add a value and taste to the table that makes every evening during the holidays a different and memorable for the family.
  • Holiday bakes-From sweets like bars and candies to different non-vegetarian items can be roasted and baked during the holidays too. The roasts brings along the simple, spicy and juicy dishes which are paired with healthy food items like the spinach and broccoli to give them a twist and new flavours.
  • Special Christmas desserts-Carrots, which are generally seen in winters, bring a big smile on the faces of the halwa lovers. Though this dish takes time to get prepared, still there is hardly anyone that can say no to it. On the other hand, other items like badamhalwa, semolina halwa are other variants that can bring sweetness on faces and the families together during the festivity.

Getting ready for the Christmas holidays is not that difficult. One can prepare many mouth-watering and delicious dishes for the Christmas as there are many recipes on the internet which are best and easily prepared. Whether it is a Christmas dinner or simply an evening get together, a huge number of items can be prepared with a wink of an eye that hasa taste that is outstanding. Beat the chill this Christmas and prepare dishes to express your feeling of love and affection to your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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