The Use of Liquidmetal in Surgical and Dental Implants

If you take a look at surgical or dental implants, you will find they are very small. They are inserted into your mouth and play a vital role when it comes to dental procedures. Have you ever wondered as to why these dental implants are so accurate when it comes to insertions and oral fixtures? The secret answer to the above question is Liquidmetal.

John Kang Liquidmetal – The popularity of Liquidmetal in the dental industry

John Kang is a businessman in the medical and healthcare industry, and he has invaluable knowledge in the field of Liquidmetal. He says that Liquidmetal might have gained some popularity today because of the interest that Apple has shown in it. Apple is keen to buy Liquidmetal patents for the manufacture of its electronic products. The John Kang Liquidmetal team says that today Liquidmetal is very popular for making dental and medical implants. He says Liquidmetal has several unique properties and this is why it is becoming quite popular in the technological and medical field today. He says that Liquidmetal will soon become the future of medical technology thanks to its unique and salient properties.

How is Liquidmetal different and why it is popular in the market?

He adds that Liquidmetal falls under the group of amorphous metals. It can be processed in a similar manner like plastic. Liquidmetal is created from a mixture of different alloys like stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium, and steel. All of these metals can be broken down into a liquid state that is more or less similar to glass. In such a case, high temperature is applied to Liquidmetal for it to be molded and cut into precision. Liquidmetal gives manufacturers a quick process of getting the cuts and the precision they need when it comes to dental and other medical implants.

The John Kang WebMD team also says that Liquidmetal does not have to be cut, bent or punched in order to get the right measurements and precision. Liquidmetal is preferred by medical companies that manufacture dental products because they are able to get the perfect cut and size of the dental implant or the medical implant they need. Take a look at dental implants; you will find that they are minute in nature, however perfectly shaped. Liquidmetal not only gives medical and healthcare manufacturers dental implants that are not only correct in precision but are much more durable with a higher shelf life.

John Kang Liquidmetal further adds Liquidmetal is resistant to shock and this is the prime reason why it is popular in the market. The properties of Liquidmetal are so durable that it is even stronger than titanium. Liquidmetal has also forayed into the premium watch market with Swatch using it in its range of luxury watches for men and women. Apple is using Liquidmetal in its products and accessories. John Kang says that Liquidmetal is here to stay and it is one of the most popular metals that is widely used in the electronics, medical, aerospace and technological industries.

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